Author Topic: You guys wondering about bitcoin? I sold a $3500 hot dog! (long story warning)  (Read 26 times)

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Bitcoin this magic digital substance that makes people rich.

This was years ago somebody said "hey come serve hot dogs and learn about this new digital currency thing" and "it's a pot-luck so it would be great if you set up a cart and gave away food".

At that time I was like yeah sure. Marketing event. People with money. Why not?

So I get there and set up in somebody's back yard and people are like "WOW A HOT DOG VENDOR THAT TAKES BITCOIN" and all the sudden these guys start "paying me" in like.....pretend money. "I'll pay you 0.0025 of a bitcoin!" and all i have to do is install this app on my phone or take this barcode or set up an online wallet at www.go-eff-yourself and all this garbage and I'm just like hey, have a hot dog. We're available for parties and mitzvas and weddings and bla bla bla.

Fast forward to roughly now. I'm going through old files on the computer and I come across this one thing From "BitcoinJerry". It's a text file.

I open the file and I see this string of alphanumeric garbage but I'm like hey...hey this looks like one of those "crypto codes" these guys were talking about and I find a guy that knows where to plug this number in and.....


wait how much?


No actually it was worth $3500.


Yeah just that one day I probably had like a dozen of these numbers being thrown at me and i only saved one of them so in technical terms, I sold a $3500 hot dog. Except I didn't. I was giving them away. I had no idea I just sold the most expensive hot dog on record. It was only retroactively that it became the most expensive hot dog on record.

Man. If I had kept all of those stupid numbers? Wow. I'd have the widest margins in our industry in all time. Think about that and weep all ye competitors!

But I am told if you lose the number, that value is GONE FOREVER. You can't get it back. So I am a massive total winner in one sense and a massive total loser in another. I got way, way more than I expected but I could have got way way way way more if I had known.

So let's get down to brass tacks here. Know what I'm glad for besides the glamor of being the guy that sold the most expensive hot dog in our known universe?

I'm glad it didn't change my life or who I am. I'm still grateful to be a slinger. And I know that as we come into spring sales season, the only metric for success or failure I have is our food and service quality.



P.S. if any of you have questions about this crazy technology, I do have a math/science/tech background and I have looked into the tech. It is integral and sound. It's just the application of same that has gone totally sideways. It's not what people think it is. But it's not going away. It's here to stay and it's gonna make change happen.

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That is awesome!!!

Maybe 5 years ago (before I resigned from my fancy pants career) I was eating lunch at my desk and reading about bitcoin. I came so close... SO CLOSE... to putting a couple hundred bucks into bitcoins. In the end, I decided against "throwing my money away" on a gamble.

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    Good job hanging on to it this long. I would gotten rid of it a long time ago and kicked myself later. Nice score.
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Well, I was offered Square Stock before it went public and did not buy it (my error), now people are coming out with this thing called Bit Coins which has been around for a few year and it looks like I am not getting on the boat for this one.  I have made a few mistakes over the years with what I call "fad stuff" but for the most part do real well.  I guess I will stick with my gold and old stocks.  I also feel that if I told somebody down here in the deep south that I take "Bit Coins" they would look at me and say " Does that mean you have a sale on so I can get my hot dog cheaper"?  Good!! Good!!
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