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On the subject of rebranding
« on: January 05, 2018, 05:00:37 PM »
Some of you know my history and rap. I got into this business for a way to have my woman and the kids to do something together. It was my best idea for to tell Susan to not get a job.

Yeah go get a job Suze but that means you have no time for the kids. How about we get a hot dog cart and at least they get to be together with you. Don't get a job honey, let's make one!

And it worked OK for a few years but...I kinda left them to run it and let's face it, not every kid in the world wants to grow up to be a slinger.

So the company that bore my name kinda went into the weeds. It got neglected. Run down.

So the next thing that happens is I semi-retired which is a fancy word for being sick to death of being a computer and systems guy and I have had just enough of the stupid corporate world and anybody in a Polo shirt and I figure hey, now I can just be the hot dog guy!

And I walk into this total disaster scene. The little business was broken. My name is broken. The patient is on life support but there is no detectable cranial activity. PULL THE PLUG!

Pull the plug on this one, it's beyond rehabilitation. So I aggressively rebranded.

Now all of this entails getting registered as a new LLP or LLC or whatever, it involves throwing out all of the old business cards and getting new ones, it involves websites and new logos and designers and all that stuff. All that stuff.

But taking a page from our Native American past, what it really means is going out onto the earth, our mother and asking the plants if they can help. Specifically one plant: the yucca.

If a yucca plant dies and offers itself, you can make a whip. Not just a whip, a freaking flexible saw blade that is literally designed to rip the meat off your bones. And if your vision is in accordance with the earth, you take this whip and you flay the people, you turn over tables, you hurl dust into the air and you are the face of terror. We knock down every door, we overturn the couches, we break all the dishes, screw these dishes we're getting new ones. And everything you thought about life or comfort just radically changed.

That's right, daddy came home and he brought a closet full of warriors with him. Here are the nations of our people. Here is mighty Chippewa, Llenappe and Eastern Cherokee. And just about every nation of Europe. We gotta lotta killas and they don't use mops. Maces, axes, tomahawks, swords both long and short are more their style.

And we militantly dedicate ourselves to being THE BEST.

THE BEST! And that makes the yucca whip seem benign.

There is only one way to be the best. Keep trying. If that takes re-inventing yourself from the ground up? That's exactly what we do.

Now if you can do all of this with humility? The grace like Dugg that passeth all understanding?

If you can do all this and just be happy with who you are? No matter how great or small?

You win.

Know what I like about us?

We know that winning small is still a win.


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Re: On the subject of rebranding
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2018, 05:09:16 PM »
So, did you win...???? Good!! Good!!
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Re: On the subject of rebranding
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2018, 02:16:55 AM »
Hey thanks Dugg, as usual you pull my more trippy stuff out and put it in the sandbox.

It's looking good. It's strange. They are just hot dog carts. It's all just equipment. The business is a website. The business is our contact lists and clients. The business is food quality. The business is our shop, our commissary, our phones, our capability. The business is all about customer service. Money is just money. Money gets us what we think we want. It's harder to know.

Now I know. If I don't make this back into a family business I have failed like....all of us and everything. That's the yucca whip taking the meat off my bones. But how to overcome this was not clear to me just a few months ago.

Just a year ago it didn't look like the kids wanted to be really involved as adults. Now it seems the world has taught them some lessons.

Business is about building relationships. All relationships on Earth are reflected Above.

So rebranding. Rebranding opened up space for the future. Which is now the present. Which is about forming relationships. And re-establishing honor here and in that which we cannot see.