Author Topic: M Culinary Creations rented our carts  (Read 33 times)

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M Culinary Creations rented our carts
« on: December 13, 2017, 09:57:45 AM »
Ever feel small?

Guys I know the pride we take when we graduate from street sales into catering. I know the feeling of competence and capability we have, with just 3 little carts we can serve THOUSANDS. And look what we did! We all started with just one dinky cart but we grew it up out of the dirt and it's thriving.

So I get a call from M Culinary Creations. Headed by a real-live "Celebrity Chef". They want to rent our carts. And I was thinking they probably have a pretty neat setup.

OMFG. They have a warehouse. They have a warehouse that could fit 15 of MY HOUSE in it. Their walk-ins alone were the size of my house. I have a 3br, 2 bath house with a two car garage and you could have fit the whole thing through the door.

Row after row of shelves containing everything you can imagine. Dozens of Camp Chef stoves, dozens of coffee urns, hundreds of flagons, they have a propane filling station in the yard. And they got trucks. Real trucks. They have a fleet of trucks. Big ones. And they turn $3.5 MILLION per year. $3.5 MILLION DOLLARS.

Oh man were they hard on our equipment. They beat the crap out of our equipment. Our vintage Victor hot dog carts are our pride and joy. They are irreplaceable. And they took more damage in 3 days than we have put on them in a decade.

My team is outraged. Highly indignant. Downright pissed actually. But I drank a couple cold ones, collected my thoughts and cordially informed them (via email) that I am willing to forgo any charges for damage if we can come by and get an actual tour of the facility and meet Mr. Celebrity Chef himself.


Because I don't know how to take us from where we are to where they are. I just want us thinking in that direction. And I'm willing to absorb a couple hundred in damages if it gets us thinking in terms of what is POSSIBLE.

Hey if we put our heads together we could do this. Hey we're smart too! Hey we're organized, between us we have this capability. We touch the sky! We get to kiss angels! We don't know God but we got to take a selfie!

Of course, the counter point to all of this (Dugg's Dogs!) is we're allowed to be happy and grateful for the life we have (Good Good!) and there's a lot to be said for just doing what we do and doing it well.

So I'll leave this with my usual ball of confusion. I'm not sure all of us can or even want to do this. But I know at least one of us can. And that one of us might just be you, dear reader. And it's our job to lavish advice and encouragement on you. We do happen to be pretty good at that.

May God bless each and every one of you this day and all days to come.