Author Topic: Failure. Success. How do we define it?  (Read 84 times)

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Failure. Success. How do we define it?
« on: December 05, 2017, 05:31:57 PM »
I've been on a few hot dog boards over the years. I like this one because we're sorta "country". Success to most of us means "getting by" or "happy with myself". There's other boards for top dogs that literally make like...megabucks. And they brag (market themselves) far and wide.

And that's cool. I had that attitude myself starting up. It's an East Coast thing if you haven't noticed. The whole "come in large, project success" thing.

Some of us do make megabucks and you don't get there by being quiet, shy or underconfident.  We've all heard about them. Guys with perfect locations, guys with vision, guys that brought in half a $million where we had a couple thousand to start up with.

So for newer readers I thought I'd talk about failure a bit. Like how many locations we tried and lost money. Losing money is just part of business until you can't pay the utility bills. Or buy the kids new clothes for school. And I'm not sure if more money is gonna change anything with me and the kids. Because at one point there was no baby sitter so the kids got dragged out on the jobs with us.

So are they ever gonna see me as anything but the guy that let them down?

I dunno. They are grown up now.

Can I consider myself a failure now that our company puts smiles on people's faces? And how we've helped some people out along the way?

Naw. Not in the long run anyways. I'm pretty proud of all of us.

For you folks just starting up, over the past 15 years or so we kinda took hot dogs from this kinda sleezy dirty biker business into something fresh and hip. The food trucks added a lot to this effort. But the one thing that really marks us is our TENACITY. We just don't give up. I think that's the one thing that we all have in common.

Sometimes I tell customers that this beats working for a living but that's one of our lies. We're supposed to make it look easy.

The man I remember most (Old Pete my mentor) told me "I'm just willing to work as hard as necessary to not have a job".

So we know it's hard. But we never give up after the first try. Or the next few after that. And if it really was that easy? If this business was really easy?

We'd find something cooler to do. But for now we're doing this. Keep at it.