Author Topic: Been saving this one. THIS GUY IS KILLING IT!  (Read 24 times)

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Been saving this one. THIS GUY IS KILLING IT!
« on: December 02, 2017, 05:37:07 PM »
(Preamble: Dear Dugg please don't banish this post. Even though it's about a truck not a cart. The truck people don't need to hear this and we do. So it's not for them it's for us.)

We started seeing this new black 12 foot trailer behind a nice black truck on the side of the road around the corner. Then we saw him again. We started seeing lines of cars lined up. It started creating a traffic situation but guess what? The local cops were in line to get this guy's food.

We were like "who is this masked man?"

We saw him at a school we served at and I dove. I came in from high altitude with the sun at my rudder and opened fire:

"I have heard you guys are AWESOME I can't wait to try your food, anything we have is free to you, anything you need we're here to help".

This brought the Proprietor Richard by. And he brought samples of his menu. And the guy is just on fire. Big handshake, the guy actually made me feel like a million bucks just for talking to him. But he told me how he did it. He tells every single customer "I need your help to make this happen. I need you to support me on facebook and Twitter".

And people love his product and his attitude so they do just that. So there's the lesson here. I have seen people just go right to the top of this game by using facebook and twitter correctly.

He's called East Coast Cheese Steaks in Phoenix AZ. Look him up, it can't be hard.

What might be hard is some stories. We have stragetic partners as some of you know. Other guys with carts that we team up with now and then.

One of them, our guy Dean, he finds himself at and event and he forgot his tongs! And he sees this guy Philly Cheese Steak and he asks if he can maybe borrow a pair of tongs. And this is what he told me. The guy Richard drives across the street where there was a Sam's Club and he buys this guy a pair of tongs and drives them back and hands them to him.

Wow. OK. This guy Richard is a major dude. He might be new but he has the old values. You always look out for the other guy. So he's in with us. Whatever he needs we will endeavor to lend a helping hand. It's gotta be in our genetics or something but when you are a major dude you are a major dude.

The only comment I will make on the menu is's really good, you get a huge portion, but the product deviates from East Coast norms in a way that makes it better for the Southwest. Frankly it's an INTERPRETIVE CHEESE STEAK.

But the lesson here is about how he used "social media" and just roadside shotgun service to build his brand.

He's one of the reasons I asked you guys to tell me what you would serve if you could serve anything. This is hamburger land, this is taco land, this is the land of the same fast food franchises every 5 miles.

I hate social media. I am incapable of understanding how these softwares are positive and helpful in the real world. I just have personal hangups about using them. It don't mean you have to hate them. You can even hate them and use them at the same time! In fact here's me telling you to do so for your own benefit. And I'll offer you a justification. We actually serve real people real food and this is good for them.

Start sending me crap about puppies, children or your best vacation ever and I'll hate you too.