Author Topic: Along the lines of getting beaten to death  (Read 650 times)

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Along the lines of getting beaten to death
« on: June 17, 2015, 03:22:35 PM »

This is supposed to be slow season in the low desert. Nobody in their right mind wants to be outside in 110 degree heat but OMG, the phone calls just keep coming.

Yup that's right, when the rest of you are freezing to death all winter, here in Phoenix we are wearing board shorts and selling. But now the burning sun is upon us, all me and the wife wanna do is hide under a rock.

But the calls for catered service just keep coming on relentlessly. This is our best year yet. The clients have this obsessive desire to deny that being hot can kill you. I am a former EMT. Heat can actually kill you. I want out of this crap and into a swimming pool. And the wife tells me that if this is what we're doing in summer, then fall and winter look pretty golden.

See I'm complaining but this goes under the category of problems you want to have.

Ever hear anybody say you never solve any problems in life, all you can hope to do is upgrade them?

Hey I'm known as a master of the trade but at one point I lived in a tent. There was no problem with that except I was freezing half to death even with 2 dogs under the blankets. Whatever. Being warm was my problem then and being cool is my problem now. I really had in mind taking the summer off but what am I supposed to do? Chase the business of with a stick? Tell them to go pound sand? We? The people whom the people rely upon to feed them?

For we are the slingers. We go where others do not. We are there when the other guy can't be. And to feed people, God's childen one and all is a sacred duty, it's a gift.

Now before I lecture you on the biblical precedents for suffering like Jobe or poor Ezekiel, here's my response:

I'm just jacking up prices this summer. Punto finale, ipso-facto if you want us to suffer our bodies to this heat then we are gonna punish your wallet. We still got the best prices for best product in town but we're gonna put a heat tax on you that will make you think twice. The fact is that the lives of my crew is worth more than any money in this world and I will not compromise their health and well being. And that is the line. There shall be no crossing of this line.

You are worth more than money. No money in this world can buy a you. I want you to remember that.


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Re: Along the lines of getting beaten to death
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2015, 04:20:48 PM »
We are new hot dog vendors in FL (my husband and I work the cart together) and have been at our current location for about 1 1/2 mos.  This is slow season for businesses in FL too.  People have told us were crazy to work in this heat but they have also thanked us for being there. The population will triple when the snowbirds and vacationer's return (starting in October – November.)