Author Topic: Man I heard just the most aweful trash talk about trucks in Phoenix  (Read 717 times)

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and I'm just hoping it aint' true.

I heard that a group of food trucks got together in an effort to rob business from us pushcarts by getting the legistlators to pass a law that a food server on the streets can't stay in any one spot in downtown Phoenix for more than a half hour.

The logic is that it hurts all of us but it hurts us worse than you.

Well before I go off on a tirade, I'd just like to hear from some of you. Is this true? And how many of you does this "group" represent? And did you even know this happened? Because it is law now that none of us can stay in one spot for more than a half hour and IT WASN'T LIKE THAT BEFORE.

But it is eerily reminiscent of the the "hot dog wars" that happened about 30 years ago. And it really, really, really sucks because we screwed ourselves last time by fighting and now we're screwing ourselves again.