Author Topic: I actually tried a kickstarter while they were in beta but it didnt' fit  (Read 890 times)

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It didn't really involve food. Well kinda but food wasn't central to the model.

This idea is something I have kicked around in my head for years. My experience developing programs for at-risk populations (a previous life) gives me insight on creating ways to help a specific population without hurting them. I did this mostly overseas. But even years ago I identified two dommestic populations of people at risk: the elderly and the youth.

Medical care has become more expensive over the last 30 years (if you haven't noticed) and so does in-home are for elderlies who might have their house paid off but not a lot of income to maintain an independent life. Meanwhile, expenses keep going up for young people and working people while pay remains flat so my idea was a database that tries to match these needs up:

the scenario is a young couple or employed person that can't afford rent or to purchase a house (by ethical means anyways) to have the youth literally move in with the elderly AND we need a screening process to make sure people aren't taken advantage of AND we need regular checkups to make sure things are going well AND we need regular reporting as to how many elderlies and bla bla bla. I would call it "elder surfing".

Kickstarter rejected the concept, I think rightly so, because there was no profit model in this idea. It's a not-for-profit idea which means at most, a couple of administrators get paid to manage the software (I used to build software). It has no product to "sell". It's intent is not COMMERCIAL, it's just an idea to answer human need. It's not intended to generate PROFIT.

I still think it's an idea that could work but the fundraising would be a totally different animal.

Given as every failure puts one of us closer to a success, that's my one experience. Besides building the first bitcoin crowd funding plugin for Wordpress but as of this writing, nobody in this world seems to care about a bitcoin crowd funding plugin for Wordpress. Maybe somebody will in the future. Maybe somebody will take up Eldersurfing. Every weed is just a plant that we haven't yet discovered a use for and every idea has it's time.

Like I said, every failure brings us closer to a success.


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