Author Topic: I just wanna thank all you "new" food trucks.  (Read 804 times)

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I just wanna thank all you "new" food trucks.
« on: February 23, 2015, 12:39:16 PM »
As a lowly push-carter I want to thank all you new breed of food truck people. Your innovation and attention to detail has given us all a second life. Making street food fashionable took this whole industry up in the time I've been in it and it's made me up my game in almost every way.  You guys raised the bar.

Now I kinda notice people notice if I forget to shave, they now want to see us in uniform, "just a hot dog" isn't good enough anymore and the people want to see the food, to talk about the food and man do they ever demmand better customer service these days.

For me it's been a metamorphasis from setting something up for the wife and kids to kinda tinker with to taking it up to a real "going concern" as they used to say. I'm back and physically involved with the business again and I feel totally reinspired with the joy of food and feeding people. The courage to be experimental.

And I especially appreciate how you have re-infused the sense that we're all in this together. I'm kinda that way due to a mountain up bringing but the first time I did an event one of you were like HEY LET'S TRADE and I noticed that one of us had a flat coming out and 3 of us stopped to help. From then on it's just been "anything you need". Zip ties, a table cloth, ice, extension cords, if we got it, it's yours. Because we've borrowed a screw gun, one time we needed a propane regulator, one time we got a flat and the jack wouldn't work. Once again, to the rescue comes you guys.

It's a little slice of what America used to be.  And you guys took it and updated it and made it hip and fasionable. That's one thing I never expected to be. Well I'm still not hip and fashionable but at least I hang out with people that are.

Thanks cool hipsters! Keep it up!