Author Topic: SPAM ASSHOLES - NSFW - Adult Language  (Read 1099 times)

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SPAM ASSHOLES - NSFW - Adult Language
« on: December 20, 2013, 09:18:46 AM »
 >:(   We apologize for all the spam.  Please continue to click "report" if you see a spam post.  We are systematically adding spammer IP addresses and emails to our database of blocked users. 

So far we have permanently blocked 81 spammers.  Most recently one spammer attempted 2461 posts and each one was accompanied with this message:

Hi Asshole - You have been banned because you are a dick!
And to rub it in a bit they are forwarded to this message...

Thank you ladies and gentleman for reporting the assholes.   8)

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Re: SPAM ASSHOLES - NSFW - Adult Language
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2015, 01:00:06 PM »
The voice of a labored admin if there ever was one.

Any piece of well known software on the internet has these bot-makers that scan for a particular piece of software and it runs common exploits like registering for an account and then posting automated messages.

If you run a Wordpress site it's even worse than this because Wordpress is probably the most popular publishing tool on the web today.

I have dropped 3 spam links on this site but one was mine and it linked to an informational article not a product, one was Victor Carts because it directly relates to cart design (I have no stake in Victor's carts, I don't get a kickback or anything) and the last is Ben's carts which is again related to cart design. I have no position in Ben's carts either, I just think they stack up very well in terms of price, performance and passing local health requirements.

I also think I dropped a link to some slinger book keeping management software by Steve. Plus I probably talked up Mark Reitman's HDU. But again I have no position in any of these, I just think they are great guys and great slingers. Masters of the craft.

I did write a how-to book on slingerology, it's available on Amazon Kindle whatever thing but it's just another how-to book on slingerology. Some people say it's a bit better than other slinger books and some say that others are better. The truth is that we tell people EVERYTHING on these interwebs so you don't need to buy our books. Just read up on what we say on sites like this and roadfood and a couple others. And follow our example. We're the nice guys. Don't be one of the meanies and don't even deal with the meanies. And remember,

Ben's carts are best-in-value and capability at this time. You can get into this business for under $10k. And we already told you how to do it.

Was that sufficiently spammy or like....could I spam it up a notch or two?