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Hot Dog Vendors / New vendor from West Texas
« on: February 16, 2018, 12:40:34 PM »
I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks and wanted to officially introduce myself. There is so much
valuable information for a new vendor here, and I’m hoping to eventually give back to the community.
 I came up with the idea to start a hot dog cart after realizing that there wasn’t a single hot dog cart or
food truck that sells hot dogs in my west Texas town of 100,000 + people. Everyone I have talked to
seems to think it is a great idea, and as of now I have little to no competition besides gas stations or
Weiner schnitzel. It took me about 6 weeks to find a commissary but I finally found someone willing to
help me out and passed my health inspection about a week ago! Super excited.

I’m from the Phoenix area (Chandler/Gilbert) and moved to San Angelo about 8 years ago. I’ve been
binge reading AZ dogs posts because I’m familiar with all the locations and he is full of info. By the way AZ dog, if you are reading this...the real ghost town you talked about towing the cart up to…was that Jerome? I couldn’t imagine hauling a cart up to Jerome. I actually have a dream of moving back to the valley when I retire and vending part time, so maybe our paths will cross someday.

Vending is a weekend thing for me, my full time job is software sales, so this is more of a hobby/side job for now. I’ve only had one service so far, I set up outside of a relay for life team meeting and fed about 12 people once they let out. The name of my company is Big Texas Hot Dog Company, and I’ve been doing a “Big Texas Meal” which is 2 all beef dogs, chips and a drink for $6. My cost on that is $1.70 so I think I have it priced right and everyone seems to think it is a good deal.
I guess my biggest questions at this point are with buns. I served Oroweat potato buns my first time
around, and they seemed ok but fell apart a little bit, but I think maybe I steamed them too long. Does anyone have any top secret buns they like to use?
March is shaping up to be pretty busy, I have a 2,000 person festival on March 3rd for Texas Independence Day and the following weekend I am setting up at a big disc golf tournament here in town with about 200 players and I’ll be the only food/drink vendor. I have a used “Big Dog Cart” with almost a double sized steam table, and according to our health inspector, I can cook anything I want as long as I get it to temperature. I’m trying to keep it simple while
I start but definitely want to expand my menu. This is brisket/bbq and taco country, so I’m working on aTex-mex dog and some type of hot dog with brisket.
Anyways, enough rambling for now, I should probably start my day job. Thanks for all the info and I look forward to contributing more frequently!

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