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Blue Pig......

You are onto something that I think is so huge that I'm not even talking about it yet. The advantages are so huge that they run off the charts.

You just said the crucial two words and I'm not gonna repeat them.

It's just the perfect excuse to call you a "pig in a blanket".

Just every now and then I don't give away all our secrets. Just every now and then I give us a lead on the competition. Wait a couple years and then tell them how we did it.

I think I see right where you are going with this one. I'm right in there with you.

Bitcoin this magic digital substance that makes people rich.

This was years ago somebody said "hey come serve hot dogs and learn about this new digital currency thing" and "it's a pot-luck so it would be great if you set up a cart and gave away food".

At that time I was like yeah sure. Marketing event. People with money. Why not?

So I get there and set up in somebody's back yard and people are like "WOW A HOT DOG VENDOR THAT TAKES BITCOIN" and all the sudden these guys start "paying me" in like.....pretend money. "I'll pay you 0.0025 of a bitcoin!" and all i have to do is install this app on my phone or take this barcode or set up an online wallet at www.go-eff-yourself and all this garbage and I'm just like hey, have a hot dog. We're available for parties and mitzvas and weddings and bla bla bla.

Fast forward to roughly now. I'm going through old files on the computer and I come across this one thing From "BitcoinJerry". It's a text file.

I open the file and I see this string of alphanumeric garbage but I'm like hey...hey this looks like one of those "crypto codes" these guys were talking about and I find a guy that knows where to plug this number in and.....


wait how much?


No actually it was worth $3500.


Yeah just that one day I probably had like a dozen of these numbers being thrown at me and i only saved one of them so in technical terms, I sold a $3500 hot dog. Except I didn't. I was giving them away. I had no idea I just sold the most expensive hot dog on record. It was only retroactively that it became the most expensive hot dog on record.

Man. If I had kept all of those stupid numbers? Wow. I'd have the widest margins in our industry in all time. Think about that and weep all ye competitors!

But I am told if you lose the number, that value is GONE FOREVER. You can't get it back. So I am a massive total winner in one sense and a massive total loser in another. I got way, way more than I expected but I could have got way way way way more if I had known.

So let's get down to brass tacks here. Know what I'm glad for besides the glamor of being the guy that sold the most expensive hot dog in our known universe?

I'm glad it didn't change my life or who I am. I'm still grateful to be a slinger. And I know that as we come into spring sales season, the only metric for success or failure I have is our food and service quality.



P.S. if any of you have questions about this crazy technology, I do have a math/science/tech background and I have looked into the tech. It is integral and sound. It's just the application of same that has gone totally sideways. It's not what people think it is. But it's not going away. It's here to stay and it's gonna make change happen.

Just kidding about the pagan part....

To each of you a very happy New Year which means winter, the period of privation is half way over and it's all looking sunny from here. At least is solar calendar terms on the Northern hemisphere. Good news to most of you who have been half freezing to death.

Even here in the low desert I saw people, real humans have to put on jackets and coats and shiver in 57 degree temps. You read that right, +57F not -57. That's all it takes us to shiver here.

And like all of us I suspect, all of our businesses kinda go into hibernation for the holiday season. I'm happy for the chance to do all the maintenance and get things all set for spring which is our summer.

So what are you guys gonna do new this year? Got new goals and objectives?

For us we're fortunate to be legally able to do more than just hot dogs so at this point we have a regular carnival menu. We spent pretty heavy on some new equipment and we're targeting big game.

I re-learned an old rule since we teamed up with our guy Dean, in this new year, try to kill them with condiments. Roll out the red carpet for folks. This is the year where we destroy the "dollar menu" in terms of value and service.

Anyways, all the best to you guys, keep the news coming.

Hot Dog Vendors / Re: On the subject of rebranding
« on: January 12, 2018, 02:16:55 AM »
Hey thanks Dugg, as usual you pull my more trippy stuff out and put it in the sandbox.

It's looking good. It's strange. They are just hot dog carts. It's all just equipment. The business is a website. The business is our contact lists and clients. The business is food quality. The business is our shop, our commissary, our phones, our capability. The business is all about customer service. Money is just money. Money gets us what we think we want. It's harder to know.

Now I know. If I don't make this back into a family business I have failed like....all of us and everything. That's the yucca whip taking the meat off my bones. But how to overcome this was not clear to me just a few months ago.

Just a year ago it didn't look like the kids wanted to be really involved as adults. Now it seems the world has taught them some lessons.

Business is about building relationships. All relationships on Earth are reflected Above.

So rebranding. Rebranding opened up space for the future. Which is now the present. Which is about forming relationships. And re-establishing honor here and in that which we cannot see.


General Discussion / Re: I think I got fired from a job. I broke.
« on: January 05, 2018, 08:48:56 PM »
Hebrews 13:2

General Discussion / I think I got fired from a job. I broke.
« on: January 05, 2018, 05:38:40 PM »
We had this contract to feed people in a lovely park. It was a lunch gig so we arrived extra early to scope out the scene, get ourselves positioned.

All these homeless people came creeping out of every shadow and bush. All these guys with backpacks and bedrolls and suitcases. Just creeping up out of nowhere. And then we get the fires burning and the smell of our wonderful food just pervades the place and I see their eyes.

I know I am under contract to only feed my clients and take the best care of my guests to the exclusion of the whole universe but the eyes. Eyes speak words and those words were "I am so hungry" and I'm feeling like a bar of steel under stress test. I can only take this for so long and I'm gonna break. I'm still serving our happy guests but these eyes. What do I do?

Thankfully, I'm part native and we know sign language. That came in handy not at all. Almost nobody remembers the Great Sign Language so I resorted to our street sign language. I made the eye contact. I made the "shush secret" sign. One finger upright on your lips and you say "shhhhhhh" and then with my eyes direct you to the corner. And I will feed you. Just keep it on the down-low. Shhhhhhh.

I think the client saw this and did not approve. Dang.

I cannot refuse a human being food if it is within my capability because of this dude. This one guy that ruined our business one day by the shores of a sea called Galilee. And there was one dude that caught a single fish and a baker with only a single loaf of bread left. And this radical dude called Jesus found a way to multiply this and gather the leftovers to be given to the needy.

That is a model of intent. Did the apostles say "awesome dude, let's set up a commissary and a distribution center and do this full time!"

Why didn't they say that? They were still busy being amazed at all the wonderful things Messiah did. Their job was to follow the Lord wherever he went and to absorb teachings.

The job of gathering and distribution is left to us.

Hot Dog Vendors / On the subject of rebranding
« on: January 05, 2018, 05:00:37 PM »
Some of you know my history and rap. I got into this business for a way to have my woman and the kids to do something together. It was my best idea for to tell Susan to not get a job.

Yeah go get a job Suze but that means you have no time for the kids. How about we get a hot dog cart and at least they get to be together with you. Don't get a job honey, let's make one!

And it worked OK for a few years but...I kinda left them to run it and let's face it, not every kid in the world wants to grow up to be a slinger.

So the company that bore my name kinda went into the weeds. It got neglected. Run down.

So the next thing that happens is I semi-retired which is a fancy word for being sick to death of being a computer and systems guy and I have had just enough of the stupid corporate world and anybody in a Polo shirt and I figure hey, now I can just be the hot dog guy!

And I walk into this total disaster scene. The little business was broken. My name is broken. The patient is on life support but there is no detectable cranial activity. PULL THE PLUG!

Pull the plug on this one, it's beyond rehabilitation. So I aggressively rebranded.

Now all of this entails getting registered as a new LLP or LLC or whatever, it involves throwing out all of the old business cards and getting new ones, it involves websites and new logos and designers and all that stuff. All that stuff.

But taking a page from our Native American past, what it really means is going out onto the earth, our mother and asking the plants if they can help. Specifically one plant: the yucca.

If a yucca plant dies and offers itself, you can make a whip. Not just a whip, a freaking flexible saw blade that is literally designed to rip the meat off your bones. And if your vision is in accordance with the earth, you take this whip and you flay the people, you turn over tables, you hurl dust into the air and you are the face of terror. We knock down every door, we overturn the couches, we break all the dishes, screw these dishes we're getting new ones. And everything you thought about life or comfort just radically changed.

That's right, daddy came home and he brought a closet full of warriors with him. Here are the nations of our people. Here is mighty Chippewa, Llenappe and Eastern Cherokee. And just about every nation of Europe. We gotta lotta killas and they don't use mops. Maces, axes, tomahawks, swords both long and short are more their style.

And we militantly dedicate ourselves to being THE BEST.

THE BEST! And that makes the yucca whip seem benign.

There is only one way to be the best. Keep trying. If that takes re-inventing yourself from the ground up? That's exactly what we do.

Now if you can do all of this with humility? The grace like Dugg that passeth all understanding?

If you can do all this and just be happy with who you are? No matter how great or small?

You win.

Know what I like about us?

We know that winning small is still a win.

Hot Dog Vendors / Re: Booze Dogs wants to sponsor/re-brand me!
« on: January 05, 2018, 04:11:47 PM »
Ditto above and further. Let one or two of us review this contract.

I hearby declare as an officer of to hold any and all proprietary information you may disclose to me in confidence in a 5 year window, excluding any aspect held as "common knowledge" among practitioners of our craft. In return, you hold any and all proprietary information I may disclose to you in the same 5 year window, and disclosures to third parties are permissible with our informed and mutual consent.

I call this the "bilateral NDA". It protects both of us equally.

DO NOT POST ANY ASPECT OF THIS CONTRACT ONLINE OR IN PUBLIC. That would be a breach of trust right off the bat with your new partner. On the other hand, if your new partner wants to bind you to NDA or non-competitive clauses? Anything with the word "exclusive" in it?

That we're gonna want to very calmly review. And remember who we are. We're slingers. The first offer is never the last offer and if they are talking to us that means we're in a negotiation.

We all have your best interests at heart on this one.


Hot Dog Vendors / Re: Cart Give Away
« on: January 05, 2018, 04:03:27 PM »
Hey that is pretty cool guys! W00T W00T to Ben! Yay!

I'd buy a Ben cart in a second except for the fact that we're doing a retro Victor cart style. We got this matching carts and umbrella thing going. I'll buy a vintage Victor series II cart any day for ready cash. But I do steer people towards Ben carts.

When you guy a Ben cart you get Ben, Duggs (Good Good!) and all our advice that we can heap on you.

Now get out there and sell. Make us all proud. Best Christmas present ever.

Hot Dog Vendors / Re: Overwintering a cart in frigid temps
« on: January 05, 2018, 03:54:30 PM »
Two words:

propylene glycol.

Do NOT use automotive antifreeze in any food service environment.

Purge propylene glycol with water when the cart is in use. 2 or 3 rinsings is enough for your hand wash lines.

And guys, I do feel for your freezing butts just now. Keep moving. Stomp your feet. Good time to invest in a pair of bunny boots.

Hot Dog Vendors / Re: To each of you, a very merrry Chrismas
« on: December 25, 2017, 08:56:51 PM »
Heh I'll riff on this subject. America past.

Caroling was a form of legalized trespass. All the town heavyweights were in on it. Especially the Episcopalians. And the Methodists. Those guys were always up to something. I think we were out to show up the Catholics but we would gather in the church and drink "egg nog" and we would set out to carol people whether they liked it or not. So the plan was us kids would race ahead and ring every doorbell and knock on every door and you answer the door to find your whole yard full of people singing at you. And the idea is you let us all in and give us a drink or two and we roped you into our band and then we carol somebody else.

It was every violation of property ownership and it stood in naked contrast to legality but we didn't have a police department, we had a town constable and a judge and they were in on it too. And the longer the night carried on, the further and further our "
town fathers" lagged behind and the music got more and more off key and by the end of it, us kids were the only ones left standing. All of the adults were fall-down drunk. And that was somehow normal.

I miss that about America. And I know we are among the last people on this planet that are beholden to nobody. If we want to charge some people money and give away food to the homeless at the same time, that's exactly what we do. We set our prices, we set our product, we say what's right or wrong under our umbrellas. The rest of the word can help themselves to unlimited free toppings and they can like it or not. Either way, they walk, we stay.

I leave you with this blessing of power. Come New Years I'll be more explicit. The word for the New Year is we hunt them down like the animals they are and we kill them with kindness.

Hot Dog Vendors / To each of you, a very merrry Chrismas
« on: December 25, 2017, 10:44:23 AM »
Every single one of you are my personal heroes. And so I will carol you'

Gods  rest ye merry gentlemen let nothing you dismay

Remember Christ our Savior was born on Christmas day

to save us all from Satann's power  where we have gone astray


Hot Dog Vendors / Hmmmmm
« on: December 17, 2017, 04:07:39 AM »
We wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a merry Christmas wish you a merry Christmas
and bring lots of beer!

Wait that's not how it goes. It's not supposed ta...

Good tidings to you and bring lots of gin! Good tidings for Chrismas and a ton of good beer!

Wait that's not the way it's supposed to go, thats...

To you and your kin and a very happy New Year!

We can get lobsters here but they come from the South not the Northeast. Not exactly a completely different animal but not the same animal. Smaller claws, sweeter and lighter flavor. Not sure you'd prefer them.

Anyways I was thinking maybe gyro.

Hot Dog Vendors / M Culinary Creations rented our carts
« on: December 13, 2017, 09:57:45 AM »
Ever feel small?

Guys I know the pride we take when we graduate from street sales into catering. I know the feeling of competence and capability we have, with just 3 little carts we can serve THOUSANDS. And look what we did! We all started with just one dinky cart but we grew it up out of the dirt and it's thriving.

So I get a call from M Culinary Creations. Headed by a real-live "Celebrity Chef". They want to rent our carts. And I was thinking they probably have a pretty neat setup.

OMFG. They have a warehouse. They have a warehouse that could fit 15 of MY HOUSE in it. Their walk-ins alone were the size of my house. I have a 3br, 2 bath house with a two car garage and you could have fit the whole thing through the door.

Row after row of shelves containing everything you can imagine. Dozens of Camp Chef stoves, dozens of coffee urns, hundreds of flagons, they have a propane filling station in the yard. And they got trucks. Real trucks. They have a fleet of trucks. Big ones. And they turn $3.5 MILLION per year. $3.5 MILLION DOLLARS.

Oh man were they hard on our equipment. They beat the crap out of our equipment. Our vintage Victor hot dog carts are our pride and joy. They are irreplaceable. And they took more damage in 3 days than we have put on them in a decade.

My team is outraged. Highly indignant. Downright pissed actually. But I drank a couple cold ones, collected my thoughts and cordially informed them (via email) that I am willing to forgo any charges for damage if we can come by and get an actual tour of the facility and meet Mr. Celebrity Chef himself.


Because I don't know how to take us from where we are to where they are. I just want us thinking in that direction. And I'm willing to absorb a couple hundred in damages if it gets us thinking in terms of what is POSSIBLE.

Hey if we put our heads together we could do this. Hey we're smart too! Hey we're organized, between us we have this capability. We touch the sky! We get to kiss angels! We don't know God but we got to take a selfie!

Of course, the counter point to all of this (Dugg's Dogs!) is we're allowed to be happy and grateful for the life we have (Good Good!) and there's a lot to be said for just doing what we do and doing it well.

So I'll leave this with my usual ball of confusion. I'm not sure all of us can or even want to do this. But I know at least one of us can. And that one of us might just be you, dear reader. And it's our job to lavish advice and encouragement on you. We do happen to be pretty good at that.

May God bless each and every one of you this day and all days to come.


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