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Title: I think I got fired from a job. I broke.
Post by: on January 05, 2018, 05:38:40 PM
We had this contract to feed people in a lovely park. It was a lunch gig so we arrived extra early to scope out the scene, get ourselves positioned.

All these homeless people came creeping out of every shadow and bush. All these guys with backpacks and bedrolls and suitcases. Just creeping up out of nowhere. And then we get the fires burning and the smell of our wonderful food just pervades the place and I see their eyes.

I know I am under contract to only feed my clients and take the best care of my guests to the exclusion of the whole universe but the eyes. Eyes speak words and those words were "I am so hungry" and I'm feeling like a bar of steel under stress test. I can only take this for so long and I'm gonna break. I'm still serving our happy guests but these eyes. What do I do?

Thankfully, I'm part native and we know sign language. That came in handy not at all. Almost nobody remembers the Great Sign Language so I resorted to our street sign language. I made the eye contact. I made the "shush secret" sign. One finger upright on your lips and you say "shhhhhhh" and then with my eyes direct you to the corner. And I will feed you. Just keep it on the down-low. Shhhhhhh.

I think the client saw this and did not approve. Dang.

I cannot refuse a human being food if it is within my capability because of this dude. This one guy that ruined our business one day by the shores of a sea called Galilee. And there was one dude that caught a single fish and a baker with only a single loaf of bread left. And this radical dude called Jesus found a way to multiply this and gather the leftovers to be given to the needy.

That is a model of intent. Did the apostles say "awesome dude, let's set up a commissary and a distribution center and do this full time!"

Why didn't they say that? They were still busy being amazed at all the wonderful things Messiah did. Their job was to follow the Lord wherever he went and to absorb teachings.

The job of gathering and distribution is left to us.

Title: Re: I think I got fired from a job. I broke.
Post by: Blue Pig on January 05, 2018, 06:44:54 PM
  AZ I have to say if you lost any future jobs from this client so be it. Something tells me you're not the type to worry about doing the right thing no matter what.
   When ever I get heat from some self important blowhard I remind them of Romans 12:3  Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but think of yourself with sober judgment. If they're a real AH I simply put it, There but for the grace of god go You! That usually shuts them up. Good luck hope you get better clients.
Title: Re: I think I got fired from a job. I broke.
Post by: on January 05, 2018, 08:48:56 PM
Hebrews 13:2